Delivery Services

At Unitmovements, simplification is the key.

We want all our customers to have complete faith and confidence in the service we offer. We don't want to complicate things for our customers, and that is the key to our success.

When we take a new or existing booking, we only want to know a few things from you; what is it, where is it going, and when would you like it to be there?

The map opposite clearly indicates our key delivery area. Of course if any of our clients wish for items to be delivered outside that area, we can arrange it with one of our partners.

Sometimes the delivery of a product is not the end of its journey. There may be a requirement for assembly or installation. We can organise these services and provide a seamless solution.

There may be a requirement for items to be returned back to the manufacturer. Again, this is no problem to organise, and we only require the specific information at the time of booking.

Delays can occur further down the supply chain, which may affect the immediate demand for delivery of your product. Understandably this can be frustrating but here at Unitmovements we can provide safe and secure storage until your product is ready for despatch.


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Our Services

We collect, store and deliver on your terms. Need it today, tomorrow, or in a weeks time; no excuses - you're the customer.

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Our Fleet

We are committed to ensuring we leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Our vehicles are either equipped with Blue-TEC and SRC technology, drastically reducing emissions, or are fully electric with in-house charging.

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"I went to IKEA on Saturday morning, and by 3 o'clock that afternoon all of my furniture was delivered to the room of my choice. Great service from friendly and professional delivery staff. Will use again""

Nicky from Cardiff