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Environmental Performance Report 2017-2018

We at Unitmovements believe that we have collective responsibility to ensuring we do everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint within the world we work and live. This policy is vital to the continuation of our business, employees and partners and by working together collectively we share the responsibility for this and future generations.

This policy provides framework for us to develop and maintain our environmental and management plan.



Our commitments:

  1. Identify, monitor and manage the existing and potential aspect of our entire operation that impact the environment.
  2. Seek the best environmental practices possible and comply with relevant legislation and other appropriate requirements.
  3. Do whatever possible to reduce pollution throughout of actives.
  4. Educate our employees, engage and respond to their feedback to have a positive outcome on our environmental policy
  5. Communicate this policy to our customer, contractors and suppliers. Ensure that it is kept up to date and published within our company and on our website.
  6. Provide resources, training and information to all employees to ensure our commitments are kept and we all work for the same cause.
  7. Be efficient with energy that we use, including water, gas, electricity, packaging, building materials and vehicle fuels.
  8. Whilst maintaining our quality we ensure to:

I.       Reduce what we use

II.      Reuse what we can

III.     Recycle what’s left

IV.     Restrict landfill requirement to a minimum.




Benjamin Thomas

Director – April 2015

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